The Party party (2013)



I am but am not, I am here but here is not here.

(From the manifesto of the party party)

Greeting from HIMITSU­chan

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am the leader of the party party, my name is Himitsu­chan. Himitsu means Secret in English.

In this performance, I will tell about a “STORY”.

The story is about parties. The stories that I’m telling you now could happen or have happened in front of you.

But I think we must talk about secrets of being hidden too. We cannot tell all the stories at once, so let’s start to tell them one by one.

The PARTY party suggests to you, more various party in your life!!!!

Please join our party and make your life more brilliant!!!”

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Yamamoto Kyohei

Yamamoto Kyohei

DSC01813 copy






Have you seen Mr. Mustache???

↑↑↑from Wiesenburg on Vimeo.



Rino Daidoji

Goddo Sukoupion / Chiharu Shinoda



Eugenio Resta, Sebastian Breu

Fabbrica Europe, unbezahBAR


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